B.Sc.CSIT : B.Sc. in Computer Science and Information Technology covers the theory and practice and developing computer systems both hardware and software as well as networking and communication technologies. The Program uses electronic devices, such as computer and mobile phones , computer software and network to store, process, transmit, retrieve and manipulate information. It has a flexible course structure, where students can choose to study a range of next generation technology areas including Digital media and games, mobile and computer applications , enterprise informatics , energy informatics , computational mathematics , scientific computing and medical/Bio-informatics. These core subjects provide as solid theoretical and applied background in computer science and information technology. Eligibility: I.Sc../+2 Science in any stream Duration: 4 Years Enrollment: 24 Students

Career Opportunities.

• As a software developer.
• As an IT manager.
• As a Web developer.
• As a Database Administrator.
• As a system Administrator.
• As a Chief IT officer / Director.
• As a Graphic Designer.
• As an Information Security Analyst.
• As a computer Engineer in Nepal Telecom, Ncell or other office.
• As a Computer programmer in Government service.
• For higher study in Europe and America
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